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Teton Symphony

Teton Symphony is the largest painting I have done to date.  It is a 72’’ x 32” oil on canvas (6’ x ~3’).  I began working on this project four years ago, following a trip to New York.  Our friend Paul Jacobs, chair of the organ department, took us on a tour of the Julliard Music School.  I commented on the lack of art in the school, and he invited me to paint a piece for the organ studio. 

Given the size of the organ studio, I felt it needed to be a large piece. Deborah and I had been making annual trips to Jackson, Wyoming to visit our friends Suzzette and Ron Rutherford. Both are avid photographers, and had introduced us to many of the beautiful scenic vistas in the Grand Teton National Park.

One of my favorites was the panorama of the Teton Range from Signal Mountain. I did several plein air studies on successive trips, supplemented with photographs. I drafted this piece about four years ago, but completing it was beyond my skill level at that time. The last three months I resumed work, and finished on Sunday, November 6th, 2016. After it finishes drying, I will frame Teton Symphony and ship it to New York for loan to Julliard in honor of Paul Jacobs.

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